A Diving Atlantis Adventure

Ok 99% of the people reading this will probably be going on a snorkeling tour with some tour operator who will be giving you, your gear to go into the water with. Now for the Vast majority of you this will be sufficient and you won’t know any difference.

Now a small percent of you will be totally obsessed with going into the water , you will most likely be the first ones in the water and perhaps the last ones out. You snorkel trip will seem too short and you will be wishing you could talk your travel companions into going out again.

If this sound like you, you might want to think about getting some gear a bit better then what will probably be given to you on your tour. The most important piece of gear , that will make or break your trip is your mask.  Having a mask that fits, is comfortable and does not leak is key.

I would recommend going to the local dive shops before your trip and shopping for a mask, that fits your face. You don’t have to spend a lot of money but get something that fits.

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