Editorial 5

Style is one aspect of Tenerife often overlooked by visitors to Tenerife. They see Mother Nature’s contributions – the sun, the sea and the spectacular mountainous backdrop – but sometimes fail to notice the efforts of the island’s mere mortals.

Behind the façade, the island is becoming something of a rising star in all that’s vogue. Ask José Sánchez Guisepe, Director of Tenerife’s fashion industry. In an interview with the former model he reveals just how far along the global catwalk the fashions of Tenerife designers have reached.

The world of architecture has also stood back in admiration of the chic new auditorium that opened recently; a magnificent monument to creative design that has finally give Tenerife’s capital an icon to be proud of.

For visitors especially, getting pampered is high on the list of ‘things to do’. Spas are big business here; with the laid back lifestyle a free add-on bonus to any relaxing treatment. Our deputy editor, Marta Patiño