Editorial 3

Third issue, and Living Tenerife is taking shape. We can confidently say that this issue is by far our finest – okay, I know we’ve only done three! – but I’m sure you’ll agree that everything from design to editorial has vastly improved as we strive to make this not only the best magazine in the Canaries but also one of the best in Europe.

Our aim remains the same – to provide you with insights into island life and uncover the many facets of our fascinating island.

For too long now Tenerife has been portrayed by Tenerife Uncovered type reportage as a hedonistic hideaway by media beasties lacking the imagination to see beyond the occasional seedier side of a holiday resort. Well that era is over. Our island is not just about sun, sea and sand – although they abound in profusion. The real Tenerife has an identifiable culture of many tones and in this magazine we want to show you the whole spectrum.