Costa Adeje Golf

Scene of the PGA Spanish Open of 2003, the par-72 Costa Adeje Golf is one of the most impressive golfing venues in the Canary Islands. The course follows the natural contours of the terrain, within the 5km of stone walls that mark this former banana plantation.

This 6,244 metre-long championship course is player-friendly, meaning the fairways are wide and well manicured. Having said that, depending on the placement of the hole and strength of ocean breeze (unavoidable playing golf in Tenerife), shots to the green can be quite challenging as they are well protected.

How to successfully play this magnificent golf course in Tenerife from a pro and amateur point of view.

1st hole: A straightforward par 5

493 metres from the whites; 477 metres from the yellows.
Pro; a tee shot would be directed 265m right of the fairway, uphill and rolling left in order to have a clear second lay-up shot 138m to the right side, followed by a 90m third shot to the centre-left of the green, depending where the flag is.
Am; a 200m drive to the right side of the fairway. Then a 177m shot to the right side again, for a leave of 100m to the centre-left of the green.

2nd: A short par 3

150m from the whites; 107m from the yellows.
This small elevated green might be a little intimidating but shouldn’t be a problem with only one bunker on the front left side.

3rd: A slight left-to-right, dogleg par 5

519m from the whites; 496m from the yellows.
Pro; drive the ball working left to right 270m. Hitting a second lay up shot 159m is the wise shot for a 90m leave to the centre of a wide but not very deep green.
Am; hit a driver to the left side of the fairway 215m and a second shot still to the left of fairway 181m, for a leave of 100m to the centre of the green.

4th: A gorgeous, long downhill par 4

420m from the whites; 229m from the yellows
There’s a barranco along the right side.
Pro; drive down this slightly declining fairway rolling over the old plantation walls 280m leaving a 140m second shot to a not so difficult green.
Am; hit a 140m to 150m drive leaving a short pitch shot to the centre of the green. Look out for the wind and take your time on club selection as it plays much longer than the yardage says.

5th: An uphill par 3

140m from the whites; 131m from the yellows.
At least one to two clubs longer than the yardage says. This par 3 is no pushover being uphill with a huge gully in front and two large bunkers on each side. Once again take you time with club selection as the wind will play a major factor. Make sure you make it to the green. Don’t be afraid to be long on this hole. The gully will give you double bogey. A par is as good as a birdie.

6th: A straight par 4

338m from the whites; 317m from the yellows.
Pro; hit a 248m drive down the middle and have a 90m second shot to the green.
Am; a 227m drive to the centre of the fairway for a second 90m shot still to the centre of the green in order to keep the front-left, back-left bunkers and the front wall out of play.

7th: A long, par 3

170m from the whites; 157m from the yellows.
Pro; hit a medium to long iron depending on the wind conditions to a fairly long but narrow green.
Am; a long iron or 5-wood. Same as the fifth hole – long is better than short.

8th: An S-shaped par 5

500m from the whites; 478m from the yellows.
Pro; aim at the left side trees and hit a left to right 310m shot over the palms for a leave of 190m to the green depending on the roll. Opportunity for an eagle here.
Am; hit just right of the left side palm trees 225m. A lay up shot 153m over the dip in between the 200m and 150m markers would be recommended, leaving a 100m third shot to a fairly large green protected by a gully on the right, and a small bunker front left of the green.

9th: A short par 4

370m from the whites; 352m from the yellows.
You’re now half way done and heading towards the clubhouse and the 10th hole.
Pro; depending on the wind, use either a 3-wood or driver. Aim left and fade the ball from left to right 280m, leaving a 90m short iron to the two-tier green.
Am; a chance to get a par, maybe even a birdie on this hole. Hitting a 235m drive left to right, depending on the wind, would leave a short 115m second to a fairly big two-tier green. Hope the flag is at the bottom in order to use the slope as a backing.

10th: A slightly downhill par 3

220m from the whites; 215m from the yellows.
Pick-up a couple of bottles of water on your way to the tee from the waiting cooler on the cart. You’ll need them, and beware of the black waste bunker on the right or it will cost you a few strokes.
Pro; depending on the wind, hit a 2 or 3 iron off the tee to the centre of this well-protected green.
Am; hit a driver or 3-wood off the tee to the centre or front of the green. A par is as good as a birdie and a bogey is as good as a par. At this hole accept and limit the damage.

11th: An uphill, straightforward par 5

477m from the whites; 469m from the yellows.
Pro; off the tee, hit a long drive 270m to the middle of a wide fairway, leaving a long, 207m uphill second shot right of the pylon to a hidden, large green.
Am; hit to the centre-right of the fairway 225m. Then a second shot 150m to the right side of the pylon, leaving a short 94m shot to the middle of this large green.

12th: A straight, downhill par 4

367m from the whites; 317m from the yellows.
Pro; aim to the left side of the fairway and work the ball right, down the hill to 300m and have a 67m second shot to a two-tier, slightly elevated green.
Am; it would be wise to stay on the left side of the fairway or hit a 200m drive down the middle, leaving a 140m slightly uphill shot to the left-centre of the green.

13th: A slight uphill par 5

474m from the whites; 462m from the yellows.
Pro; line the shot just left of the trees, hitting to an open fairway about 270m. A long 3-wood will be required to reach this well protected, two-tier green. Laying-up is the best option.
Am; hit a drive past the left side trees to the middle of the fairway 220m. A lay-up shot is required about 121m. Don’t put that club in your bag yet because the same shot will be necessary to the green.

14th: A medium length, par 3

170m from the whites; 156m from the yellows.
Pro; hit a medium iron to this three-tier green.
Am; hit a medium to long iron to a tricky green that can turn your chances from a par to at least a bogey – maybe even a double bogey depending on the placement of the flag stick.

15th: A right dogleg, par 4

367m from the whites; 341m from the yellows.
Uphill to a blind landing area.
Pro; hit a driver 270m centre-right of the fairway leaving a short 97m wedge to the centre of the green.
Am; a 210m drive to the middle of the fairway taking the right waste out of play, with a second 131m shot downhill to the centre of the green. The amateur should consider that a good miss on the second shot towards the green would be to the left side of the green.

16th: A par 3 downhill hole to a two-tier green

173m from the whites; 154m from the yellows.
Pro; hit a medium length iron to this two-tier green.
Am; hit a long iron or 5-wood to the green. You will probably be playing into the wind.
Perfect photo opportunity from the tee.

17th: An uphill dogleg left par 4

400m from the whites; 388from the yellows.
Although you can smell the refreshments from the clubhouse, keep your focus tight. Fatigue may have kicked in.
Pro; hit a driver towards the trees on the right with a draw, landing 90m from the centre of the green. Then a short iron to the centre right of the green taking the left side bunker out of play.
Am; a drive to the top of the hill 225m, and play the second shot 163m downhill towards the right centre of the green.

18th: A slight dogleg right, par 5

496m from the whites; 473m from the yellows.
Pro; a driver 275m to the middle right side of the fairway. At 226m from the green, go for it, even though this is a well-protected and well-undulated green.
Am; hit a drive to the middle or just right of the fairway 240m. The second shot would require a precise and long 233m shot to the same well-protected and well-undulated green.
If successful, this is the shot that will make you come back for more. If not, no worries, it’s a par five and getting that par should be no problem. Besides the clubhouse is only a step or two from the green.

Costa Adeje Golf

The greens
At Costa Adeje Golf there are many multi-level greens. Make sure you land your ball on the same tier as the pin, or the lower one. You don’t want to have to hit down a tier to the hole. It’s a certain 3 putt.