Our Audience is your target

Our target audience is the most affluent and cash-rich sector of society, ABC 1’s from different geographical and objective backgrounds. This is why, in the Canaries, we only target four and five-star visitors. Our Canary Island holidaymaker readers come armed with a high disposable income. With our help you can guide them in how they spend it.

Our audience – your target – includes:

  • Actual and potential holidaymakers
    Over 3 million people visit Tenerife annually. The highest majority are from the UK – Over 70 per cent are repeat visitors
  • Actual and potential property purchasers
    Contact with just one of the largest independent estate agents in the Tenerife revealed over 5,000 enquiries per month from prospective purchasers.
  • Actual and potential business owners and investors
    During the last few years, the Canary Islands economy has grown much faster than most other EU regions indicating a market made up of consumers with great purchasing power
  • UK trade partners
    UK exports to the Canary Islands total around £185 millionannually
  • The ex-pat community
    It’s estimated that some 35,000 Britons reside permanently in the Canary Islands. There has never been a glossy, high quality magazine produced just for them.
  • Timeshare owners
    Of the 400,000 UK timeshare owners throughout Spain, 24 per cent own in the Canary Islands
  • Swallows
    In addition to the permanent residents, there is a large contingency of UK residents who fly south for the winter months. This particular sector is seen as the richest, both in disposable income and leisure time

As a professional company, I’m sure you will be professional about marketing your business; you will expect the best possible results from your marketing expenditure.

Through quality design and carefully targeted distribution, Living Tenerife provides a unique channel for brand and product advertising.

Our objective is to target the delivery of Living Tenerife to affluent people, so that you can inform them of your quality products and services

We have provided an efficient means through which to reach revenue-generating customers from the largest tourism market in the Canaries.